Brontolo [Grumpy] (Rai 3) 22/6/2012 Oliviero Beha


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I do without these spontaneous applause that arise from the heart
I can not begin I tell the truth.
Then "Grumpy" today talking about prisons
speaks of prisons
n the past we have dealt with in episodes of Friday
big issues trying to analyze it in various stages
for example the house or car
In this case we talk about prisons. 800 550 269 toll free for
Live action, the mail is always This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Greeting Melania Rizzoli PDL
the Committee on Social Affairs
physician, remains physician also Parliamentary
has written a book which perhaps gives us the video wall track
Prisoners walked around a bit 'dungeons, encounters, and words from Italian prison
Inmates of a certain type is not it? We say so
a certain level rather than political mafia
Sometimes things get mixed this morning, but we keep the separate.
A glimpse of Italy of our day
I also greet Stefano Anastasia association Antigone
I summed it Assuming that there is someone at eleven o'clock in the morning
a Friday in June does not know that what Antigone Anastasia eh?!
And 'an association of more than twenty years
operates a 'monitoring activities
the reality of our prisons producing information reports
everything you need to know about Prisons
And then Mark Beltrandi radical deputy
part as vice president of the Transport Committee
and the Board of Supervisors on Rai
So I now Beltrandi I tell her
more emphasis on the title of the episode.
The theme of the episode PRISONS because according to the vulgate
according to the common things when it comes to prisons
people run away and turn off the TV
there may be the most horrible things on other channels but says
talk about prison and I do not see you
because it's bad news is removed to
point that the radicals often have insisted
recentetissimamente also for example in January with the outgoing Director General Lorenza You
Then later in April before the march
amnesty on April 25, insisted
but in fact possible that the RAI is a public service company
do not talk about such a sensitive issue
we see that among the other protagonists of sad record in Europe
to the point that she cyto
So the way of the NRA
This is not his
I quote from 'NRA agency for communications
The importance that the subject is treated in depth programs
which constitute the most appropriate site for the display of steps that require
adequate time for discussion
the small amount of time that distinguishes the news on the news
and they say no more in-depth programs, but any
but those who for a reasonable duration and showtimes
are more likely to contribute appropriately
the formation of a public awareness
my question is
my little programmuccio
this boat at eleven in the morning is a
depth program or not reasonable
no because I have a right to know
no reasonable doubt because that is indeed worthy of me
is the first real debate on this topic
for a long time now
because as he said the authority is not just the news of a newsletter
ie, you must discuss it because you have to discuss it?
because the situation in prisons as we know it is the absolute collapse
and has become, have become places where rights are denied
and we are constantly tried and convicted as Italy
by the European court for that and punished economically
and this matter of rights that are denied
the law is violated where it should be applied
There is no question of ever and above
there is no question ever of solutions
because the issue Prison can address and resolve
with possible solutions
Well we say that we definitely need an amnesty
but attention is needed because an amnesty so we report
prisons to the rule of law
There are 26000 prisoners steadily increasing in most of the maximum capacity
but above all to solve the problem of lack of judicial reform
that is, without a measure discharges from nearly eleven
million in civil and criminal trials pending
Justice is now clear that any reform of the justice is impossible
This impacts on the whole, people's lives not Free
have the opportunity to assert their rights
and also impacts on economic growth because clearly
so the idea is that starting with a reform of the prison system
So let's say starting from a focus
the tremendous overcrowding of prisons
with the possibility of an immediate solution to this overcrowding is a strong presumption
a reform of justice so that it can not go forward
I summed up enough
apparently to ensure the rights and freedoms
of all that today are not guaranteed
Then also present Cira Antignano
who is the protagonist against his mother as a real tragedy
is the mother of a boy who died a little less
two years ago in the French prison of Grasse
Then we'll talk
Next to her is Charles who is the protagonist in his Talking
once a very serious and very serious
thankfully less dramatic as she is here to talk about
Talking truth?! was first in prison in Germany
and then especially in the U.S.
we'll talk about the speech because even in Italian prisons abroad is something that
we try to touch in order to explain what is happening
Let us go back, however, the highest authority in the country
the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, who a year ago
or less said the following things we hear
a reality that humiliates us in Europe but alarmed at the daily suffering
until the urge to take off the lives of thousands of human beings closed
in overcrowded prisons, which is almost an understatement to define
not to mention the extreme horror of the remaining mental hospitals judicial
inconceivable in any country barely civil
Evident in general is the gulf between how
is said prison life of today
from the constitutional provisions on the punishment and rehabilitative
rights and dignity of the person
Mr Rizzoli then President Napolitano on these things
At least not if no row
but he has already reported last year
I wrote this book because of
is a book report on the state of our prisons
Italian Radicals collaborate with friends
that has always followed this theme with Marco Pannella
and fight for this issue. Marco Pannella by
40 years following the issue of prisons
which is now the Minister dealt quite
the new Minister of Justice has put Severino
the first item on his agenda
the problem of prisons we hope that we can do something
but in the circumstances of economic policy in this country
we are not so optimistic, however, continue to fight their own
because the situation became untenable
I remember saying to Mr Beltrandi as well as 26000 prisoners
There are in excess of 28000 prisoners awaiting trial
The numbers put the willies right now before I give the line
3 minutes on the news director to ask some inquadrarmi
for example, that 66,487 inmates are calculated on 31 May last
and in fact the Italian prisons may contain much less
with Anastasia feel immediately after the news
a new "growl" dedicated to prisons
so if you are currently seeing is not the
I know you have to eat lunch
how active you are in the programs long for it never
directly or indirectly to do with this problem
and if worse will happen to you now send anathemas and these things
no the problem is that if you do not
begins to talk about these things
and to follow them is over that is a Sisyphean labor
So I felt I heard Beltrandi Rizzoli, Anastasia and I wonder
director to send me some recent data
that is, the graphics we have to talk about huh, speak for themselves
we interpret these data?!
after the prison population we see the first graphic of the total prison
because there is a slight discrepancy of less than about 200
obviously in this period that is
here then there is the capacity of regulatory and crowding crowding measure
so that everyone understands what it means to the 145.8%
that should be there where there are 145 100
means that there is every two beds there are three
which means that in some situations in some prisons
particularly in so-called Inmates
where do those who are arrested, that is when there are significant arrests
some hundreds of people come together
and often sleeps on the floor on mats of luck
This is the situation ... Since then I am sure no
of three experts in the art will lose the thread
I propose to do something special for television, see, see something
We sent to Francesco Di Rita Jail Montacuto Ancona to see
right in there with our cameras of course we had permission
But obviously it's all in there institution can no longer hold any
its prisoners, it correction officers, the Director shall, in short, is a situation
that bubbles just a situation that boils, see Rita Di Francesco
How many prisoners are currently here?
we have a presence on average of 400 inmates
than it would be expected?
I would have originally planned 120
we are many, so you create conflict
overcrowding of prisons, not only here as in all
prisons, we are too many in a cell
Here we have a cell type because this structure
consists of all cells similar
this is a cell that is occupied by three held
a cell provided for a detainee
provided for a detainee, originally
How many meters are there?!
are nine square feet
plus a bathroom area
is included the bath
is included the bath
in the nine square meters ... one
little personal space
there is little personal moments in manageability
think, write a letter to a relative calm, responding to a letter
also be able to read mail that arrives to you
But there are little things makes the difference
Montacuto in prison are organized various courses
including a bookbinding
seeing them really helps inmates to make the time pass more quickly
but only 150 of them can access them on 400
again because of overcrowding
're a little out of the cell, you're with other people, socialize
with people from other departments of the prison
or at least think a little less, stay focused on something
What do you miss most?
my daughter
I embrace my mother who always treated me badly because I do not know
I have two grandchildren born and not even know them
also affects family members are in here is the only weekly phone
10 minutes of flying anyway, and that's something
did you get that idea of freedom, what freedom?
is a very nice thing for people to be
rather obvious I think is the primary asset
at least, who enters in here realizes
I sometimes say that all Italians should take a week
in prison to understand how it works and how the prison
if one were in here for a week
would see how people live in here
and if it is right that some people endure what they must endure
Anastasia then detained as common as you say other than
detainees interviewed in prison by Melania Rizzoli
Those are still prisons and throw a
conclusion after the first images of this kind
touch and I hope so because if we become
insensitive to even touch those images
in short, because then the theories are threads
sacrosanct but in fact can occur in less
I say if someone is not suffering from
these images there is something wrong
So tell me Anastasia
actually have pictures but they are also
I mean the words the feelings of these detainees
that have and express these detainees
The mission of rehabilitation of the prison
even the things they say about what they suffer in their detention
the distance from family members affected by the fact
not being able to say some things
they wanted to, could, or perhaps
have said before when they were at liberty
Also these words I say I find it also very significant
in addition to objectively impressive images of structures in large degradation
those cells, also that cell by one, it had been from a is
what I believe will be seen
Antigone data to 30 June 2011 and then
a year ago they said among the prison
said the most crowded in Lamezia Terme with 333% remember that percentage
between what should be and what is instead
Brescia 258% - 253% Busto Arsizio - Varese then 247%
are all prisons with much higher percentages of
than the average ... with more than twice as many inmates ...
with the average of which is called 145%
end so we can get change scenarios, the answer no?
certain and so this is the situation we
a situation and is now a structural
because we must also tell us that despite the brief of the pardon
the past 5 years in 2006
6 years ago and we have a population that
in fact has more than 20,000 inmates in excess
at least seven - eight years
then she says that by far is overcrowding
the question that has everything?!
certainly is a big problem and is a symptom of failure of justice
Mr Beltrandi on this is quite right because it is a
index of how our criminal justice system
is poorly calibrated with respect to the needs because then we see people
we see a time when European data then crowding into the European Union until 2010
the latest data available always in Bulgaria in terms of percentage 155.6
there should be 100 and there are 155
Italy 153% but it is a given that we have passed from the last
spain 136.3% - 118.1% France -
Germany is 89% civil
no Germany and Latvia also for that
Latvia is still the most civilized let's face
everyone Stravedere for Germany, but look at the small Latvia
I would like to talk with Carlo Parlanti then we return to flight
She was talking, I mentioned earlier, was
tell a short story she was arrested a few years ago right?
in Germany for what reason? I was arrested in 2004 she did not know
if that's what he does now but she was a manager I think not!
it was an IT manager
and then to Dusseldorf with that allocation
the charge was that my ex-partner accused me U.S.
to have her kidnapped, raped and beaten. Germans have been arrested in
I spent 11 months in Dusseldorf in Dusseldorf prison
to have her kidnapped, raped and beaten. Germans have been arrested in
I spent 11 months in Dusseldorf in Dusseldorf prison
Then he was extradited to where?
I was then extradited to California and I've lived
all the different types of prisons in California
So on this, because then we get back on its history in the last part of the transmission
as a course on the history of the lady that I first presented
but differences in treatment, she has seen these images
I give you just a few numbers so you understand, what are the differences
to begin in California on overcrowding is at 250%
in state prisons in California there are 145,000 prisoners
just to remind California has less
of 40 million people
so it is smaller than two thirds of Italy
Italy adding the county jails
you get to 250,000 inmates
the prison where I was hosted for most of the time
for 5 years in the wilderness in the San Joaquin Valley is called Avenal
is a prison with 8,000 people
8000 ... where I lived for those 5 years
We were in 400 in a warehouse
a single open area
then seeing these pictures thought that luck
When I see a picture of a bathroom with a door that closes
I start laughing. I heard this morning's news
Lusi and the problems of invasion of privacy
because you see the bathroom in the prison where I was
if she had come to visit us
When you enter the large warehouse of reinforced concrete would have seen
if faced with a huge room with 12 showers
with naked men who were washing
then immediately on the left would have seen a television area
with benches and in front of a room completely open with 5 toilets
where people urinating and defecating facing each other and
front of other classmates who are watching television
feel as he did ... an idiotic question .. but as it is
helped to survive because she had the opportunity to bargain
if I read his story well and has no
Ever wanted to plea bargain because he always maintained his innocence
no because I was innocent and I have made a plea bargain even absurd
because I have offered to bargain for the sole
crime of rape to 3 years to 50%
In practice I would have sent home after a month
was just a way for them to hush the affair
and send me away without a chance for revenge
and she herself was not in for bargaining to continue
innocent to say what he is doing well now
was in between Germany and the United States?
between Germany and the United States a total of seven and a half years
What was the sentence?!
9 years
okay that is bad and also the reference
Lusi is actually great news
far be it from me any temptation giustizialista but three days short of
Lusi is out there and the whole Italian political
okay anyway that's another detail back to us is better
So perhaps we have some other graphics for example
types of inmates would ask the director
detainees at September 30, 2011, are always given Antigone,
waiting for the first 14,639 judgment and already is a fact that impresses
awaiting trial are 28,000 total
I think everyone here in the studio and I also hope to
house those who are not watching the kitchen
and have shuddered hearing what he said of American prisons Talking
But even now that we also recover the speech in Italian
So imputanti 28,564 - 37,213 other convicted permanently
a hypothesis of Alfano Severino and Mountains in short, is the privatization of prisons
Since this is a road in the United States have
embarked on perhaps the testimony of Speakers
has some value ... not that we go to hunt
as the saying goes from the frying pan into the fire with the privatization
tour begins her opinions Beltrandi
I have no preconceived ideological about this but I say only that
if nothing is done to interrupt this mechanism
what is going on with a measure
drastic, immediate, immediate effects of
us towards the scenario is we're going to run Talking
because then what should be said is that the
number of these prisoners is increasing every month
that is, each month there are about 800 -1000
1000 entries per month
I apologize then that is an ongoing disaster situation
denial of rights at work that gets worse every month more
and compared to this so any measure, privatization
construction of new prisons and jails
is not adequate you know in advance that is not appropriate, and
we limit ourselves to this we go to the disaster really
It is mostly Free, free citizens not only
prisoners and those who work in prisons
then she stands in
She distinguishes between an operation so to speak information about their immediate
and then go after prison policies that may affect the
justice reform and the speech that we did
that is, she says the two things because if there are
both speeds the second speed is not enough
because it is just as Achilles and the tortoise
I wanted to add that in this time of severe economic crisis
the prison population increases for all the reasons precisely tied to the economy
while funding for prisons decreases
I just wanted to do that today as a prisoner Italian coast
his three meals daily 3.8 euros per day
while the municipality of Rome and I write it spends 4.5
per day for each guest of his kennel
eh short, we must necessarily make war between the prisoner and the dog?!
I say no but that funding is reduced the prison population increases
and on the other are employed also for the
Overcrowding also the areas of social
those in which the prisoner should be recovered, re-educate
Then on the assumption that it is a hypothesis I call
Beltrandi assumptions for convenience because she has just expressed
namely that any initiative is likely to end up as a drop
in the sea unless you first empty the prisons
I understand it here would like your opinion on this
and then eventually the privatization discourse that was
introduced immediately by the story of Speakers
I want to go on this thing actually because of the privatization
both the U.S. and Britain have faced
over the past 20 -30 years
growth of the prison population through privatization processes more or less significant
and are processes that have worked for a certain period of time
in that they have allowed to build in times that
for our government are unimaginable
in much shorter times we say ... exact
institutions to accommodate this large mass of prisoners increased
after which we must also tell us that as the testimony
Talking to us that the Doctor has just represented
but as a series of institutional facts of great importance that occurred
just in California, starting with us from California
testify to this system no longer holds because
the detention is not a free market
is not a business
not that there are people in the private investment does not arise from
fact that there are customers who decide to spend
part of his life in prison you must go for there you go
because it sends the state and the only customer is the state of the private
then there is simply a transfer of money by the
was to decide these things private
and then the result is that now also in the United States and
in britain privatization does not work anymore
the houses of which we spoke Talking tells us that
are longer in a condition through that system
build new facilities and the Supreme Court were
joined last year ordered the California
to reduce, has forced the state of California
reduce by one third its prison population
because it is not in a position to build new facilities or
to allow the construction of new facilities
Therefore, paradoxically, in a country that has still remember the pain
death in certain states have the death penalty
Talking was unfortunate because it has happened to California while
in some other state would go to get better
in terms of prison and the rest
well the states of California among the states
United has been the center
growth of the prison overcrowding that we need to know
The United States is the country in the world where more
The prison population has grown over the past 30 years
and California is the state of the united states
in which more has been a growing population
also because I assume that the news about china scarce
Well not the ones we know
So it is a presumption ... thus always to match
television programs as well as valuable because she Beltrandi
the discourse on prisons say is also a
Surveillance contact for RAI and so
to match even among those who are now interested in prisons and who
instead of watching what they eat at noon and three quarters
I will make this comparison and tell me if it is right
is one thing to rely on the private table of the prison and another account
you give him the whole prison I understand correctly?! this is the criterion?!
All three agree on this or are there different positions?!
because then we go on another awesome theme
so we do not miss anything the Suicides
because then a large increase in the suicides of prisoners and
large increase in the suicides of prison guards
so I want to say in short, a situation absolutely appalling
we go on with this thing here?! some
well, that is terrible in the sense of the theme
Thus we see the graphics on suicides in prison
in 2010 there were 66 ... in 2011 still 66 ...
ALL'UNDICI June 2012 there were 25
to know what we're talking I sent Helium
Mazzacane to interview a gentleman, a trade unionist
prison guards of SAPPE Marche which was until the other day
then because he felt ill and had to stop otherwise
the respondent would still sadly on hunger strike
to report, to highlight an untenable situation is called
Aldo Di Giacomo and now we see the interview
I decided to do a hunger strike to try to attract
the attention of the world of politics
on an issue that has become dramatic
is that the world of prisons
and I had to stop the hunger strike started a relay of solidarity
and there are politicians, deputies, senators, heads of prisons,
commanders of prisons, medical school
that will be on hunger strike for a
day of solidarity with my project
the prison in Ancona in my opinion reflects that
which is the overview of Italian prisons
Medium has 440 inmates against a planned capacity of 178
and an educator for every 110 prisoners
when there is a doctor, a dentist for a day a week
There are places where prisoners are housed in cells without bathroom
were forced to pee in bottles
each prisoner has to eat when he is forced to eat one at a time
other two must be on the bed because otherwise there is no space
The European court of justice punishes every year Italy
which says that the spaces for each inmate to
below nine meters constitute a serious violation
so much so that defines torture
this situation so complex has led to what
has happened in the last 20 days
2 suicides - one suicide attempt, but the data
that is really impressive is the increase in suicides
in recent years of the prison service colleagues
, We are 100 suicides since 2000
and a number are really exaggerated
the interest in solving problems of detainees does not mean anything but resolve most
problems of all prison workers and prison officers in the first instance
is that seeing no bars on my shoulders
I was unsure I said "where we" here is thus
seeing what we just heard the interview was completed
the idea that pulling the ball toward the prison overcrowding
is it all away and could instead be rebuilt everything,
Beltrandi first spoke of justice reform
Now here we talk of the industry but actually is a
debilitating depressing situation from all points of view
So I would like an opinion on what you heard because then, among other things
about suicide do not think there is much to say
takes note of an ongoing tragedy
is a tragedy but I am growing increasingly
in my book I devote a chapter of its own
suicides also describe the methods of suicide
which leads to despair detainees
because it is not easy to commit suicide in prison where they are
removed all the tools to lead to suicide
and most are killed by hanging himself but
making a rough rope with the sheets
and I have entered the cell of an inmate suicide
and also in other cells, the windows are low
are not high so there is no vertical space to hang himself and then
The prisoner who has the determination to commit suicide takes even millimeter
legs when he falls in June
folded across his chest waiting to die
are so short, dramatic situations as well as those
for the other mode is choking
with .... what is called in jargon prison cap ...
with the plastic bag must take close up
in that there is no loss of consciousness
so if there is no gas few cells that have the gas for
cook a few minutes should remain as it was the suicide of Gabriele Cagliari
what is a discourse that would lead us to another area, however
has made the idea. Unfortunately, the speakers use as ... witness
or as a subject of comparison is heard? them instead?
them rather than because it is much worse to have the problem of suicide
there is a problem of unprecedented violence
The problem is systematic violence between inmates and between inmates and police
we briefly describe the clothing of an American guard
belt on right side with two gas cylinders stinging. between
the two gas cylinders stinging a grenade lacrimongena
truncheon on the left with snap head
Lead the soprannominano "Bone Crusher" Break Bones
handcuffs, two sets of gloves, a pair of biker
know for what and others ...
or maybe we do not know what to
use them during the violent actions, the other from
surgeon because all searches are bodily
that in practice every time you move you and bares it
they show all of the orifices of the body including anus etc.
and then radio to communicate alarms and just
if the radio does not work
almost as often happens, a remote garage-style door opens to communicate the alarm
practice what we here would be considered a riot
feel, but just clear it was clear clear
Unfortunately, when situations are experienced personally can not
not be clear this is the point
if there was anything else to add to the discourse suicide
I was impressed enough to say that this parallelism
between prisoners and prison service staff
since even the choice of the hunger strike of the union that we have heard
which is a traditional instrument of protest by inmates in our prisons
who are on hunger strike which is quite significant
and just the idea of how ..
not to mention radical on hunger strike
here I mean the Italians did not know that Marco Pannella has resumed
hunger strike has already done that of the thirst
then suspended and now has taken this initiative of the agent
custody on hunger strike
is particularly important here because there is a problem that we have to say
is particularly important here because there is a problem that we have to say
and the trade unions, including unions of workers in prisons
that is, we ask that these powerful trade unions to mobilize on this issue
why not do enough?!
because up to now are not doing enough that there is full awareness
I think the gravity of the situation. workers have
often find themselves living similar situations
to those prisoners that life is denied to detainees
also denied to the life guards
but I still say what I want to see is that this is also
right to talk and compare all the situations of serious prison life
we miss and love but remember that
we must seek an immediate solution
not only for humanitarian reasons well founded and important we do not
is that we ask amnesty for radical humanitarian issue
ask us to re-establish law and freedoms of all
from those who are outside prison
because as I said before the problem can be solved by the prison
Explain this connection one feels that he says "those are in jail
others are outside because ile two are related? "
because that's the problem
The problem is that if the judicial system is flooded with
about eleven million cases pending in civil and criminal
This means that as the entrepreneur who can not get paid
from simple worker whose rights are trampled
because if justice does not work
you can not go to court to claim their rights
Then, without a measure of deflation, first, that criminal
also allows a reallocation of resources
for example, on the whole machine of civil
rights and freedoms that is blocked
and therefore it is important to understand this is not just
and I only told them the need to restore dignity and life to people who are
workers and prisoners who are in prison, families and everything
is a matter that affects the rights of citizens to
Meanwhile, to say that the amnesty be able to reduce the backlog
and then once the reform of justice, just because otherwise you quell'arretrato reform
It is no coincidence that the European court of justice there is Bacchetti
on prisons is not working on the operation of the Italian justice
we conclude because I still have at least 2 subjects to be discussed on the fly to
Plan prisons and then I go to my 2 guests
for foreign experience we say there are over 3000
Italian prisons outside the Italian borders
you just wanted to add that in justice reform is necessary
and also the urgent need to review the system of detention
which is a preventive detention that is a fault almost exclusively Italian
and which adds to the problem of overcrowding in the data
First we saw the first
feel in the last 20years, now okay Mountains ago
primary coverage in this situation, Italian
but in the last twenty years when the country is always sick
Most of the parliament for these issues
there has been no real desire to address
this problem there have been many proposals
many initiatives, but the real desire to take the problem
, To take the many bills
that not only the radical friends have made to bring
Of calendarizzarle classroom there was
so it's a problem .. problem after problem that
accumulated funnel and now exploding
So now I am sending a graphic graphics wonder the kind of Graziella
So this is directed at expanding the prison plan
extended source structures premiership .. extension
existing structures, creation of new institutions
completion of work undertaken and restructuring existing institutions
completion of new institutions, Anastasia would this agenda what's wrong? which
are the priorities? and if we continue the discussion on amnesty or not
which is then not be a significant investment
for scarce state resources
that if it were completed in time
fast does not give the necessary results
If this plan could be completed tomorrow morning prisons spending those six hundred
I believe that millions of euros have been allocated
we will have about 9000 people in detention and then we would continue to have more than 12000 -
15000 people who do not have their bed
from this point of view it seems a waste say
rather we should work on reducing pre-trial detention
from this point of view it seems a waste say
rather we should work on reducing pre-trial detention
on the amendment of some laws that produce this particular rate of incarceration
the law on drugs - the alternatives on
Detention should work on other things
the Bossi-Fini was one of those that for example
The Bossi-Fini was one of those a little bit there
helped luckily the European Court of Justice
The European Court of Justice has intervened on this, explain it better than her!
The European Court of Justice ruled that
explain what the Bossi-Fini because I doubt
that in the midst of this risotto is forgotten
was the only immigration reform the text made in 2002
which among other things provided for the offense
for those having been the recipient of a measure
expulsion had not departed from its own
and this obviously has clogged because we are not
mandar condition on legal immigrants
and their at that point of their own accord if not
leave and become authors of a crime
which is a paradox and the court
Justice obviously there has thankfully released
but freed last year after 8 years
under which that continued to produce unnecessary incarceration say
then it is true that Europe is made up of euro or euros but it is not true
that in some areas there is a feeling almost like saying that is common
at least according to what we just told
So at this point I would like to go abroad that remain in
Italy I do with my guests
I think it is a given for many interesting reasons why a
from the measure in terms of comparison with other countries
As has just been telling Parlanti California prisons. two because
Talking to the two events already mentioned
but now we come to that lady Antignano
and his son are scary
three because if there is such ease in making things happen
such as in Italy and abroad for more
have you heard the news condemning the Court of Cassation
for the police on the case Aldrovandi
Well maybe some parents are more concerned about whether
the child is abroad for example, for one thing
So are more than three thousand Italian citizens
currently locked up in prisons outside the country
79% Detained in Europe - 15% in America
and many of them are still awaiting trial
Then Mrs. Antignano what happened to his son and then I
said he wanted to appeal to those who are still alive
Unfortunately for her son can do little unless the search
In short we see the truth but for those who are still alive
tell me about her son
My son was started on February 18 was
arrested in the evening in the casino in Cannes
they arrested him and brought him to Grasse
what are the defendant?
for a credit card cloned
he had done and then we say?
and then died on August 25
and the news that she had had in that period of his son?!
the news reached me from my son saying that
he felt sick and not cared
back in May he was taken ill, having had a fever
41 and while calling with a red button that is
in short, is an alarm did not go because there was no party
of this city of 3 days and the doctors were not
and then my son has had to treat with ice alone
and then things are much worse
and are worse because you see the guy had something
that has slowly emerged about what happened
because it is not possible for a boy of 36 years
not suffering from heart was all set to die so
then the French judge has decided to formally indict for manslaughter
Manslaughter the equivalent to our doctor for that prison
Grasse and two nurses at what point is the situation?
eh there are now no such investigations
I know how to say
but among the other organs of his son were ... are still there
for financial matters? because they say we must do the process and want
because the defendants, the lawyers of suspects
want the opportunity to do more analysis
Now I'll be back to her mistress. Beltrandi she has
said it is aware of this story is not it?
yes sure .. What can we do? ... is a very serious matter we
the most we can do that is not so much
I remember the credit card cloned boy who died aged 36
is to try and make sure to have justice,
to clarify the causes that led to this death
I must say that there were also cases in Italy
of inmates who entered prison in young
I remember one in particular problem
cultivation of hashish or something
and after a few days even died
being the prison a closed environment is clearly much more difficult
then figure out what are the causes of deaths
what really happened, are very serious questions
as Italy and we must of course expect
that everything be done to get to identify the
responsibility that I feel certain that there are
so ... the boy was no good?!
in the sense that what happened next was not expected to
light of previous illness or previous state of health
She told me the lady who wanted to make an appeal
we wanted to make an appeal for a prisoner suffering from Viterbo ....
the hips ... has pain and walks with crutches
David Casella is called and I was two years that I fight for this man
how did you meet him?
I know because I sent condolences to the house
that is, at that moment I was pleased
after the death of his son? after the death of my
son .. and has maintained this friendship
and I also went to visit him in prison so I
seen with my own eyes how this man walking
and is treated as what it needs?!
he needs to be operated, however, led to Civitavecchia, where he
his family that may be near
two years is that I'm fighting to get it from Viterbo
lead to Civitavecchia and you can not
then none of the three present in the study had heard of this thing
I guess what you can do now having heard from Mrs.
What can you do?! you can take a survey
I am in the Committee of Inquiry into Health
and then we can also do an inspection even if
I like going to visit medical clinics
I went to look for particular diseases of prisoners
incompatible with the prison regime
I could not even once to get a positive result
for serious diseases and incompatible with prison
yes but this is a shameful thing, however,
Now let's put it so I do my job giving voice and news
you do your seeing what you can do is Anastasia field
so I want to say is one thing seems very clear
there is much to discuss if this is how Mrs.
for this inmate Viterbo see what to do
Talking to postpone the first because I want to finish the transmission
redoing at least see the first images
Service Rita Di francesco in prison because it is true that later in
Speakers talk it turned out that in comparison is a paradise
But in fact we know that things are not exactly in the sense that
what will be a hell but that's another hell
Talking while making these images to what extent is the situation
then she returned to Italy to assume that the judicial level
margins that has .. can not do anything there
because as has been condemned .. maybe the curiosity of those who remain
Following this thing or that he did not know his story
but the evidence says okay, maybe we're talking to a
offender who has suffered some in a bad place
but perhaps not so
absolutely not the case have already been written
more books were produced fraudulent certification
both medical and even false photographs and recently it was discovered
fraudolenze that some of these have also been committed in Italy
I next week .. but as in Italy because it would be like?!
I will present a report next week here in Italy
clearly and then start the other complaints
and both in Europe and with the California Attorney General
If you feel able to do it then I will tell
in a second we explain what happened
what happened is very simple states have joined
relied upon the allegations of a jealous woman vaneggianti
Two years later I was arrested are
was extradited at all costs
and then when they realized that the certifications
were false that even doctors who were
stated that the woman had, as I know bruising
face at a later date to the photos of police
portrayed without the bruises then at that point they
tried to solve everything and offered a plea bargain
so send me home and close the story making sure
that there was no possibility of legal repercussions
Talking while she talked to knows what I think?!
and thanks that then in the European television market and also Italian
are so strong the American series and Co.
She was there when he had an almost
because it is a monstrous thing except that in that case there
are good in your case but no
no no what you sell on television as a series
CSI television is all completely false
investigations are not made in the U.S.
I was accused of having kidnapped, beaten and raped
A woman photographs the woman did
that he had bruises and was told
"Please, you go find a doctor"
this woman has done even a gynecological
went to visit my apartment they found everything in perfect order
There are photos of my apartment completely in order
had not charged anything, I have taken the
mattress, have not taken the computer
have not done any kind of investigation
I remember that Carlo Parlanti assume everything and nothing has bargained
which would however still allowed to return
home safely on the head with quest'ignominia
the shame does not have it but has done his time in prison
I have no doubt that the Italian justice and international law
Beltrandi thanks
Thanks to Anastasia, thanks Melania Rizzoli
But even these Beltrandi short forms of pressure on the RAI
Napolitano said that as the first .. but can
Napolitano did not wait any row
policy towards the RAI because everything else works a treat
for such a thing as a true public service .... They will also help the Prime evenings
then I am used to love in the morning
and I might have a psychological disturbance
Monday at nine "growl" takes care of Monday's earthquake
what it means to "Monday's earthquake," 'means that what happens
after the earthquake in L'Aquila and Emilia .... to Monday

Sottotitoli in Italiano Brontolo (Rai 3) 22/6/2012 Oliviero Beha