Riky Ragusa e Taglia46 [Size46]


Riky Ragusa e Taglia46: Carlo


My name is Charles and I ask your help
are held at Avenal
between the events
miscarriages of justice
my conscience peace has not
My time and synchronizes every single
Truth is important because
Learn the facts but not our prejudice
or false indications of this america
it's all written on cards and valuations
it's all written on the stars
Perhaps only those remain

I could negotiate my fault
make a change to this deafness
deafness to spend the best years
behind bars in another country
certainly clear to me you do not find the time
but I'm glad of that dignity
lack of interest among party leaders
have given birth to this company
I do not have the strength to imagine more seasons
rebellions for my cause
The winter ....
the winter pounding in my room
in this field at night vague hope
Mom please I want to go
I am not a criminal Parlanti
I am not a criminal Parlanti
I can no longer rely
the indifference
let all the passes
and the resurgence of untruth

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