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Lo Porto: the Regional Court in Lazio Confirms the Nullification of the Extradition

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Subject: GIUSEPPE LO PORTO Italian Citizen born in Libia on 7-15-1933

Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale LazioThe Lazio T.A.R. [Administrative Regional Court - TN], confirming two previous decrees, has ordered the suspension of the extradition decree against Mr. Lo Porto Giuseppe: a decree that was issued against the American citizen Giuseppe Loporto who instead obtained back Italian citizenship on 5-12-2006.
Giuseppe Lo Porto has reached his 79th  birthday in the month of July; he has been saved in extremis, when he got back to Italy, from a bad prostate cancer and also carries a pacemaker; now he is imprisoned in an jail in the United States although he is innocent and foreign to the accusations of sexual molestation against the daughter of his ex-wife he had adopted.
This decree of the Lazio TAR raises many problems of international rights because the Italian Ministry of Justice now has to act in accord with the order and return Giuseppe Lo Porto to Italy.
We attach copy of the decree and copy of the appeal to the 1st  section of the Lazio TAR from which it is easier to understand the proportions of this tragedy.

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Lo Porto: Also the Court in Lazio Nullifies the Estradition Decree

On July 31st, 2012, the President of the First Section of the Administrative Regional Court (TAR) for Lazio, Angelo Gabbricci, has confirmed, with urgency, the suspension of the validity of the June 26th, 2006 decree (EP 584 2005 SR) for the extradition of Giuseppe Lo Porto issued by the Ministry of Justice. This reaffirms the united view of the administrative Judges since the TAR for Veneto had already suspended the decree, on the very same morning when Giuseppe Lo Porto was extradited, just because he had not been granted adequate time to defend.

There is a clear violation of the rights enshrined in both the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" (ONU 1948) and the "European Convention on Human Rights" in damage to the Italian national Giuseppe Lo Porto. The Ministry of Justice had, in fact, been notified of the Administrative Court of Veneto's injunction before the extradition request and, therefore, the same happened in blatant violation of the conventions/laws for the Italian State since nobody waited for the decision of the TAR. These facts will be reported to the District Attorney of Rome for his scrutiny; the intervention of the High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nation has also been required for Giuseppe Lo Porto.

We'll let you read the decree in question while we wait for Lo Porto's attorneys to present the much due appeals at the European Courts to ask for consideration of the blatant violations of international rights perpetrated during the "transfer" of Lo Porto to Alabama.

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