Lo Porto: the Regional Court in Lazio Confirms the Nullification of the Extradition


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Subject: GIUSEPPE LO PORTO Italian Citizen born in Libia on 7-15-1933

Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale LazioThe Lazio T.A.R. [Administrative Regional Court - TN], confirming two previous decrees, has ordered the suspension of the extradition decree against Mr. Lo Porto Giuseppe: a decree that was issued against the American citizen Giuseppe Loporto who instead obtained back Italian citizenship on 5-12-2006.
Giuseppe Lo Porto has reached his 79th  birthday in the month of July; he has been saved in extremis, when he got back to Italy, from a bad prostate cancer and also carries a pacemaker; now he is imprisoned in an jail in the United States although he is innocent and foreign to the accusations of sexual molestation against the daughter of his ex-wife he had adopted.
This decree of the Lazio TAR raises many problems of international rights because the Italian Ministry of Justice now has to act in accord with the order and return Giuseppe Lo Porto to Italy.
We attach copy of the decree and copy of the appeal to the 1st  section of the Lazio TAR from which it is easier to understand the proportions of this tragedy.

It is meaningful for this the decision of the Middelburg (Netherlands) Court which notices the absolute lack of substance in the accusations against Pino Lo Porto: sentence 10/337 issued on12-20-2010 declared inadmissible the request for extradition and suspended his incarceration ordering the immediate release of Lo Porto.
Giuseppe Lo Porto's guilt is not what appears in the accusations of the ex-wife but the fact of having accumulated in the United States a wealth worth one and a half million dollars, not to mention the ownership of three buildings.
Unfortunately we are facing a worldwide phenomenon which is the subject of a criminology class directed by Professor Vincenzo Mastronardi and in which I myself am an Associate Teacher: "Sexual Business" is the name of the class and talks about the false accusations of sexual abuse that victimize in vast majority male. We are still firm in condemning violence against women which lead to many homicides but, in this case, the person who is risking to die is Giuseppe Lo Porto whose conditions in jail have got worst.
In Netherlands he was able to avoid suicide thanks to the reading of the book by Giovanni Siena  ”Il mio amico Padre Pio” [Father Pio, my friend - TN] which brought him back to a deeper believe and comfort.
The last email from Pino Lo Porto informed me that, due to his worsening health conditions, he asked for the oil of the sick, once called last rites.
Starting from next Monday, the Italian Ministry of Justice will be warned to take action to free this innocent person, anyhow a sick person, and bring him back to Italy.
We remind that Giuseppe Lo Porto obtained Italian citizenship after a long journey with obstacles raised from the officials of the municipality of Cortina d'Ampezzo and solved thanks to the interest of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dott.sa Leone.
Giuseppe Lo Porto obtained back his Italian citizenship on 5-12-2006; he voted in the municipal elections on 5-6-2012 in the municipality of Pieve di Cadore and the following day was arrested and extradited the same day in which the writer had an appointment with the Ministry of Justice whose official had assured him that the extradition was not forthcoming and there was enough time to wait for the TAR decision, where an appeal had been filed against the 
arrest order, and that we cite here:

"Judging that exist the assumptions to grant a precautionary measure;
Considering, in particular, that the grievances carried out in burden deserve an investigation in accord with their merit;
Considering, also, that exist the assumptions of gravity and urgency as in art. 55 c.p.a., keeping into consideration the long time elapsed between the emission date of the appealed extradition decree and its execution, as well as the old age and the health status of the appellant;
Judging that there are right motives to order the compensation of the litigation expenses for the current precautionary phase;

The Regional Administrative Court for Lazio (First Section)
Accepts the above incidental request.
Compensates the expenses of the current precautionary phase.
The present decree will be performed by the administration and is deposited at the Registry of the Court who will communicate it to the parts.
It has been decided so in Rome in the council chamber of September 26st, 2012 at the presence of the following Judges:
Calogero Piscitello, President
Elena Stanizzi, Counselor
Anna Bottiglieri, Counselor, Extensor"

In all reality the US persecution of Lo Porto is not due to the accusations but to what he wrote in the book "L'altra faccia dell'America" [The other face of America - TN] that can be downloaded from the website: www.aiveg.org
This fact has been verified by reading American newspaper of which we received copies.
Padre Pio TV is organizing a TV show about this case to spread in the world knowledge about it: to inform Italians, Ministry of Justice, the US Embassy and American citizens to free and bring back to Italy Mr. Lo Porto, regardless of the groundless accusations.

We attach: appela to Lazio TAR 7-19-2012 r.g. 6286/2012
Decree #3407/2012 reg.prov.cau. of 9-26-2012

Attorney Luciano Faraon


Lo Porto: il TAR Lazio Conferma l'Annullamento dell'Estradizione Lo Porto: il TAR Lazio Conferma l'Annullamento dell'Estradizione